Welcome to Thai SPA. Our spa is one of the best and most luxurious in the heart of the city. Our therapists are of Thai origin and possess perfected the techniques of Thai healing and relaxing massage . Today everyone needs a relaxation of the mind and revitalize the body after a hectic schedule , a busy lifestyle and stress of the city.

In Thai SPA offer a wide range of massages, skrabove and masks. Our therapists will guide you through the most sensual massage , using natural and organic products. After our treatments, you’ll wake up refreshed and rejuvenated .

In our ritual book will find specially selected treatments designed to provide perfect ballast body and spirit.
Our treatments take a holistic approach to physical and spiritual well-being. Inspired by traditional Asian healing philosophies originated more than 3,000 years, our procedures are based on the principles of rejuvenating balance and harmony of body and soul.

Our products are made ​​of the finest organic ingredients and pure vegetable and essential oils. They balance and release tension , and also restore peace and harmony as you carry in a state of absolute bliss.

Класически тай масаж

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