Общо времетраене на процедурата: 175 мин
222.00 лв

» Whole body papaya peeling (25 min) + shower
» Full body argan mask (25 min) + shower
» Facial therapy: Gold and Silk (45 min)
» Head massage (10 min)
» Traditional Thai massage with oils (60 min)

GLOWING RITUAL offers you the most complete spa experience lasting 175 minutes. Start your therapy with a refreshing papaya full body peel (25 min), followed by a nourishing argan oil mask (25 min). Refresh and rejuvenate your facial skin with our premium facial treatment: Gold and Silk (45 min). Relax with a head massage (10 min) and complete your therapy with a traditional Thai oil massage (60 min). This ritual is the perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one who deserves luxury and relaxation.

You have the opportunity to enjoy this procedure for couples at no additional cost!

  • 120 days voucher validity

  • It can be used in all our locations

  • Option to receive it immediately after ordering

Thai Spa

An unforgettable experience for you or both of you

Thai spa procedures, rituals, bath and sauna for relaxation and rest of body and soul


  • A unique experience

    An authentic Thai experience
  • A gift for the senses

    Gift a voucher to a loved one
  • Certified therapists

    All our therapists are certified and highly qualified
  • Procedures for couples

    Share with your partner a unique Thai experience, a gift for mind and body. Procedures for couples are performed in parallel in a common room.
  • 3 locations

    Most Thai Spa treatments are available at all three of our locations. Treatments including baths are only available at Thai Spa Bulgaria Mall and Thai Spa Sopharma
Тайландски масажи, ритуали и процедури от сертифицирани терапевти
Сертифицирани терапевти

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