Traditional Thai massage and Thai spa treatments –
harmony with the elements of life

Make yourself the healing effect of traditional Thai massage, as well as kasicheskite Thai spa treatments. Just leave it in the hands of a professional masseuse who knows their philosophy. If you find it hard to trust him just so inform yourself before attempting to action.

Thai classical Thai massages and spa treatments are based on the belief that a full human being is the harmony of the four basic elements of life:

• land
• air
• Water
• fire

Experts believe that any imbalance leads to diseases of the physical, emotional and spiritual level. What does this classical Thai massage? In fact, according to their philosophy, each element corresponds to one of the elements of life.

This element represents the physical body: hair, body, nails, teeth, skin, muscles, tendons, bones, bone marrow, spleen, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, intestine, stomach, rectum, brain.

This is invigorating liquid which passes through the body and absorbed by it. The element of water reside in the land element and needed elements wind to move. The element of water comprises about 12 liquid substances produced by the human body, bile, phlegm, lymph, blood, sweat, liquid fat, solid fat, tears, saliva, nasal discharge, synovial fluid or urine.

Element wind represents lightness and movement of the body. It provides the energy needed for each movement. There are six types of wind energy, which flow into the body:

• wind, which circulates from the bottom to the upper body;
• wind, which passes from the upper to the lower body;
• wind, which circulate inside the abdominal cavity, but beyond the stomach and intestines;
• wind that circulates inside the stomach and intestines;
• wind, which passes through the entire body via the bloodstream;
• wind obtain such inhalation and exhalation – air.

It is the warmth and energy of life. Fire support the functioning of other elements: maintain the appropriate temperature of the elements of water and wind; It gives warmth to the earth element, to preserve organs in good condition.

Traditional Thai massage and Thai spa treatments use elements of acupressure, reflexology, yoga exercises and light stretching techniques to maintain the balance between the elements of life and stable emotional and mental state.
The combination of spiritual practices and systems for non-invasive impact on the human body are always a winning strategy. So we recommend you try at least once. Then the easier you will decide suitability for you classical Thai massages and spa treatments.

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