Traditional Thai Massage – What is it and what are its benefits

Traditional Thai massage is practiced by about 2500 years. It combines the practices of Indian Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. Classical massages from Thailand successfully used yoga postures, deep massage, stretching and work on energy lines to relieve muscle tension and allow the life force and energy to circulate freely in the body.

When they are blocked, appear physical and emotional problems. Therefore, the main purpose of traditional Thai massage is to unblock all roads in the body and massaged to help achieve inner harmony – collection of body, mind and spirit into one.

Different classic Thai massage can last between one and three hours. Some are applied without the use of any oils and after massaging dressed in appropriate wide, bright and comfortable clothes.

Regardless of what Thai massage stop it is important to know that it is slow, gentle, non-invasive, suitable for even the most fragile personality and never painful.

In this type of massage reduces the production of lactic acid and releases a large amount of endorphins, which further promotes complete relaxation. According to professional masseurs, research scientists and the views of customers are regularly subjected to various Thai massage, the benefits are:

• stress relief;
• Injury Prevention – the body becomes more flexible;
• relief of pain in the muscles and joints; It is also recommended for headaches, migraines and menstrual pain;
• detoxification;
• sense of confidence and well-being.

Experts recommend them at podgotvki for racing, and when a man had a huge physical or mental test.

Although a beneficial effect on the overall physical, mental and emotional state of a person, traditional Thai massages are not recommended:

• immediately after surgery or chemotherapy;
• At heart disease (before a massage is better to consult a doctor);
• Pregnant women.
None of the known massage from Thailand should not be done directly over bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumors or abdominal hernia.

Before entering a massage do not eat a heavy meal will not feel comfortable during the procedure.

Classical Thai massages have been used for centuries for the treatment of degenerative diseases and maintaining perfect health. They are useful for young and old, athletes and active people who love to serve. If you need to restore inner balance and harmony, and to get rid of pain in the shoulders, back, joints, muscles, surely try Thai massage. You will be struck by the effect.