If you are wondering which massages are better – Western or traditional Thai massage – will not reach the correct answer. They are just different. You can combine them or choose one that is right for you. This naturally does not mean that others are bad. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the differences between Western and traditional Thai massage and then decide

Most Western massage using five basic techniques: stroking, sliding, kneading, rubbing, hitting and shaking. These techniques are based on western science of anatomy and physiology of man. Massages themselves are quite invasive, some of them are painful at times, although subsequently have great healing effect.

Classical Thai massages are just the opposite – absolutely neivazivni and painless. They use techniques to unblock the vital energy in the body and release of blood flow. The combination of acupressure, ayurveda, yoga postures and Thai healing methods creates a feeling of complete relaxation. The tension disappears like magic, energy and joy fill the body. Simultaneously, all complaints, such as aching muscles and joints, headaches, migraines disappear. Breathing becomes easy and with time you learn to regulate not only during the massage itself, but also in everyday life.

In western massage using essential oils is required. Selected individually for each client to suit your skin type – dry, oily, sensitive, mixed. This is one of the reasons must be massaged lying naked on the massage table.

In traditional Thai massage using essential oils is optional. When still in use, they are no more than three basic: jasmine, coconut oil, and oil of lemon grass. Their action is in harmony with the basic philosophy and objective of the classic Thai massage – calm, clear mind, joy and healthy, flexible body.
When not use essential oils massaged wearing a comfortable, light, loose clothing. Furthermore, it does not have to lie on the massage table. Most of these massages are made on the floor.

In western massages body position is usually one: Massage lying on his stomach and barely moving.

In traditional Thai massages posture change frequently. Massage lying on your back, stomach, one hand. Sometimes it is necessary to sit down and do some of the easy yoga poses. Although this type of massage called “lazy yoga” require more movement and flexibility.

Think about which option you prefer. Ask a professional masseuse who knows the different types of massage in depth. You will then be easier to solve – western or Thai massages.

We massage center Thai Spa will offer over 30 different treatments to massage and spa body and your soul.