The objectives of the different types of massages are basically two: therapeutic and relaxing. However, it is better to choose a massage according to a problem you have. Therefore, we recommend that you consult a specialist and then decide what you want. We offer you in advance to familiarize yourself with some of the most modern and effective massages at the time.

Swedish massage. It is characterized by moderate pressure, sliding, kneading, rubbing and stretching. Over time, the specialists have proved that the Swedish massage has a therapeutic effect and helps in depression, immune problems and diabetes. Moreover, it relieves pain in the back and shoulders. It is recommended for people who suffer from chronic muscle tension and excessive mental load. When you first go to a massage it is actually not a bad idea to begin with precisely this.

Deep massage. Diligently masseur before you ask this particular massage. According to some people it is quite painful, others not so much, but supposedly is extremely effective in muscle injuries.

Shiatsu massage is similar to a group of traditional Thai massages. It uses a special system of points along the energy meridians in the body to restore energy balance.

Traditional Thai massages help you achieve unity between body, spirit and mind. Relieve muscle and joint pain and are recommended for depression, excessive mental or physical activity. Acting relaxing and toning.

Kraniosakralen massage. He, as well as classic Thai massage combines Ayurvedic techniques and knowledge with ancient folk medicine. Kraniosakralniyat massage helps to balance the body and mind. With his help can reduce the pain in the spine.

Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage. It is a little more invasive than traditional Thai massage, although it is sometimes called massage “Loving Hands”. It includes long, smooth, rhythmic strokes. With his help release muscle tension.

Reflexology. This massage is pressing certain points on the feet and hands that correspond to various internal organs. Stimulates the energy flow and improves the functioning of the nervous system. Easy to learn and practice it at home. Experts often recommend it for serious health problems, as part of the supporting conventional treatment program.

Nothing prevents you try different massages until you find the right one for you. The problem is only that it is necessary to walk regularly to feel the true effect. So anyway, we recommend consultation with a specialist. And if you have a serious health problem, it may want to target some of the traditional Thai massage, Lomi Lomi or shiatsu. They will tone and help you control your daily stress.