Relaxing Thai foot massage

The relaxing Thai foot massage that we offer at Thai Spa is the perfect way to release tension built up in your legs and feet. Specially developed techniques actively stimulate the reflex zones of the feet, which are connected to various organs and systems in the body, supporting overall well-being. The procedure is a combination of gentle pressure, massage and stretching, which improves blood circulation, reduces stress and has a positive effect on the nervous system. In addition to its therapeutic properties, massage also provides an exceptional moment of tranquility, allowing the mind to completely relax. This procedure not only relaxes, but also restores energy, leaving you with a feeling of lightness and freshness in your legs.

Relaxing Thai Foot Massage

Relief and relaxation

A relaxing Thai foot massage at Thai Spa provides exceptional relief to tense muscles and improves blood circulation leading to reduced swelling and pain. Ideal for recovery after a long day on your feet or intense physical activity.

Stimulation of reflex points

Our massage is rich in techniques that actively stimulate the reflex points of the feet, connecting with different parts of the body for an overall improvement of health and well-being.

Deep relaxation for the mind

At Thai Spa, a foot massage is not only a physical exercise, but also a meditative experience that allows the mind to free itself from daily stress and find peace. This is the moment when harmony is achieved between body and spirit.

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What our customers say about us..

Magdalena Patronska
през последната седмица

Тай масаж за схванати рамене - много съм доволна от масажа, масажистката (Нинка) веднага намери проблемните места, приятна обстановка и отношение Благодаря

asya asenova
през последната седмица

Изключително много съм доволна от терапевтката и невероятния масаж!

Irina Gomez
през последната седмица

Изключително приятно изживяване и обстановка, терапевтите са на топ ниво, а масажите направени с много старание и внимание към конкретното тяло.

Yordanka Kardzheva
през последната седмица

Прекрасна обстановка, отлично отношение и наистина качествен масаж.