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Questions about Thai massages, Thai rituals, gift vouchers, couple's massages

Thai massages and rituals

Тайландски масажи в Тай Спа

Basic Thai Massage Techniques and Their Benefits

I've never had a massage. How should I prepare?

We advise you not to worry and relax as much as possible. A receptionist will do a short survey, after which the therapist will seat you in the room. You have a few minutes to get ready, disposable underwear will be provided, and you can stay in yours if you wish (there is also a hair cap for the ladies). After changing, you can get comfortable on the couch on your stomach and wrap yourself in the towel provided. In the event that you have a traditional Thai carpet massage booked, you will be provided with shorts and a t-shirt.

How far in advance should I book a massage?

With our schedules lately, it's best to plan your reservation a week in advance.

What are your working hours?

For current opening hours, please see our Contact page

What is carpet massage?

This is a traditional Thai massage that is done on a mattress on the floor and includes basic stretching and cracking of the body. Complete with our provided shorts and t-shirt for freedom of movement. If desired, you can also wear your own clothing.

In case I am late, can I use the service with full duration?

It is mandatory that in case you are late, you call the respective salon to alert the staff. In 99% of cases, our schedules are full, which necessitates shortening the massage.

How do I know which strength would be right for me?

If you haven't had a Thai massage before, start with medium strength and during the massage you will decide if you want lighter or stronger.

Are the oils picked on site?

Yes! You can choose from: jasmine, orchid, papaya, coconut, green tea with rose, lemongrass, orange, sakura and lavender. It is possible that your therapist avoids the use of some of the fragrances!

Is the strength of the massage on the spot chosen?

Yes! You can choose between: gentle, normal or deep massage. There is an additional charge for the deep massage: BGN 8. for a 60-minute massage, BGN 10. for a 90-minute massage and BGN 20. for a 120-minute massage.

Can I get a carpet massage if I have a herniated disc?

No, in this case we advise you to book a Thai oil massage.

Is carpet massage suitable for people with scoliosis?

It depends on what percentage the distortion is, consult your doctor.

In which months is massage recommended for pregnant women?

Massage is recommended from the 4th to the 7th month.

Why is massage for pregnant women also done after birth?

Massage for pregnant women is recommended up to 1 year after birth and while the mother is breastfeeding, as Thai massages are highly detoxifying, and this is contraindicated for the body during this period.

What is the difference between the three types of anti-cellulite massage and how do I know which one is right for me?

Thai Spa has 4 types of anti-cellulite massage : #27 Thai anti-cellulite ritual , #28 Decomposing anti-cellulite massage with honey + sauna #29 Bodyshape and #30 Bodyshape plus. #27 includes 15 minutes of caffeine peeling on problem areas and 45 minutes of anti-cellulite massage with heating oil, suction cups, bamboo stick or "slapping" with hands; it does not include a sauna, but it is recommended to add it. #28 is a 40-minute anti-cellulite massage with honey and "slapping" with hands, and this massage is recommended for skin tightening; includes sauna 30 minutes. #29 includes a 30-minute anti-cellulite massage with heating oil, cupping, bamboo stick or "slapping" with hands, followed by a 20-minute stay in an infrared sauna with a thigh wrap in salts to draw out the decomposed fluids. #30 is on the same principle as #29, but includes a 30-minute stay with an anti-cellulite algae mask, making the massage 90 minutes long.

Is the anti-cellulite massage card valid?

Our cards have no validity but are not transferable.

How often is it recommended to do an anti-cellulite massage?

We recommend doing it once a week, but at your request, the visits can be increased.

Can I get massage packages and use them together with another person?

According to Thai Spa policy, massage packages can only be used by the person from whom they were purchased. The only packages that can be used by an unlimited number of people are our VIP cards.

Who does the massages and spa treatments?

All our spa treatments are performed by certified Thai therapists (women).

How to book with a voucher?

To make a reservation you must fill out the form.

At the top of the menu, select "Book an Appointment" and follow the instructions

Please respect the validity of the voucher! the vouchers,
issued by Thai Spa, are valid for 4 months. When the term expires,
the voucher can be used after paying 50% of its value,
as per Thai Spa policy. If you have any questions, write to .

Terms of use of services with Multisport cards

Multisport cards

Do you work with Multisport?


What does the Multisport card cover?

With a Multisport card, you can visit the salt room, infrared sauna (at Thai Spa Sopharma towers and Thai Spa The mall with a certain schedule) for free and also gives a 10% discount on massages from Monday to Wednesday until 4:00 p.m. and cosmetic services at Thai Spa Bulgaria mall.

Does Multisport cover my visit to the sauna?

Yes, the visit is free with a multisport card, but we have slots for visiting depending on the location. For more information, call the location you are interested in.

What is the length of stay in the sauna with a Multisport card?

A Multisport card gives you a 30-minute free stay. If you want to stay longer, you can pay extra at the reception!

Questions about bathtubs and bathtubs for couples


Are hot tubs available at all locations?

No, it is only available at Thai Spa Sopharma towers and Thai Spa Bulgaria mall.

What is the bath good for?

Depending on the type of bath you choose, there are different benefits, but mostly body detox and relaxation before a massage.

Where can I see what types of tubs you offer?

All bathtubs are described in detail on our website

What should I wear for a bath visit?

What you should wear is a swimsuit. We provide a towel, disposable slippers, a bottle of water, a hairdryer and the option to take a shower + shower gel.

How many bathtubs do you have?

Each salon has 2 bathtubs.

Is it appropriate to combine the bath with a massage?

Yes, it is even recommended. Baths are taken before a massage to relax the muscles and prepare the body.

Which bath would be good for sore muscles?

We recommend an anti-stress bath with magnesium.

Are baths recommended for pregnant women?

It is not recommended!

How will I know when the bath time is up?

There is a bell in the room that will notify you 5 minutes before the stay time expires. You can take a shower if you need to.

Are the bathtubs disinfected after use?

Yes, this is a must! They are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each customer.

Are the bathtubs disinfected after use?

Yes, this is a must! They are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each customer.

All questions about the infrared sauna

Infrared sauna

What does an infrared sauna mean?

The infrared sauna is much gentler than the regular one. The degrees it reaches are 65°C and you can easily last half an hour without interruption.

Will there be other people in the sauna with me?

Visiting our sauna is independent, i.e. there will be no other people with you unless you come with your loved one.

Is the sauna recommended for pregnant women?

It is not recommended!

What kind of sauna do you offer?

The sauna we offer in our salons is infrared.

Can you get me a towel?

Yes, the towel fee for the sauna is BGN 2.

How will I know when the sauna time has expired?

There is a bell in the room that will notify you 5 minutes before the stay time expires. You can take a shower if you need to.

Is the sauna suitable for people with high blood pressure?

It is not recommended!

When is the sauna done before or after the massage?

Depending on the massage, but most often it is done before it to relax the body.

What is the capacity of the sauna?

Our saunas can accommodate up to 2 people at the same time.

Can the sauna be combined with massages?

Yes, it is even recommended. The sauna is done before a massage to relax the muscles and prepare the body (except for the traditional Thai carpet massage).

Do you have a sauna in all locations?


Can I stay longer than 30 minutes in the sauna?

Of course, but at your own risk! We have options for 45 minutes or an hour.

How long do you stay in the sauna?

30 minutes without interruption is recommended, or depending on your tolerance.

Can I use a phone in the sauna?

It is not recommended!

What should I bring to visit the sauna?

What you should wear is a towel and a bathing suit. We provide disposable slippers, a bottle of water, a hairdryer and the option to take a shower + shower gel.

Questions about gift vouchers, value vouchers

Vouchers for massages

Въпроси и отговори за ваучерите за масажи и процедури в Тай Спа

How do I purchase a voucher online?

Select the "Buy Voucher" option from the menu above and follow the steps

What happens if my voucher expires, can I use it?

We offer an extension of 10 days after the expiry date or an option to pay 50% of the price to use it without expiry.

Do you offer value vouchers?

Yes. We offer vouchers of value at your discretion.

Is it possible to exchange a procedure from an already received voucher?

Yes. You can exchange the procedure for one at the same price or higher with additional payment.

Can I use my voucher at all three of your locations?

Yes. Vouchers can be used at all three locations depending on the procedures you have.

Do I have to make an online order for a voucher I'm considering taking at the salon?

Not necessarily. The voucher is issued on the spot in less than 10 minutes.

How long does courier delivery take?

Orders are delivered the next day if the voucher is ordered before 4pm.

How can I pay for a voucher ordered online?

We offer several options for you to choose from. By bank transfer, EPay, PayPal and Stripe (by debit/credit card)

Can vouchers be transferred to other people?

Yes. If you are prevented from using it, it is possible to give it to another person regardless of whether your name is on the voucher.

How will I receive a voucher ordered online?

Vouchers ordered online are sent by email, courier or picked up at a location of your choice - Thai Spa Bulgaria mall, Thai Spa Sopharma towers or Thai Spa The mall

Can a purchased voucher be used for different procedures on different days?

Yes of course! Within the period written on the voucher, you can use it as you wish.

How do I book with Gift Tube, Gift Come True, Makaroon, SkyVision, Gifto voucher?

To make a booking with a voucher received from Gift Tube, Gift Come True, Makaroon, SkyVision, Gifto or another supplier you can contact us in several ways. Call the salon where you want to use the service, send us an email or contact us via Viber. Please note that online booking is only possible with vouchers that have been purchased directly from the Thai Spa, without the involvement of intermediaries. When contacting us, we will arrange a convenient day and time for the service. Before the appointment you will need to send us a photo of the voucher so we can validate it in our partner's system.

What is the validity of the vouchers?

Our vouchers are valid for 4 months from the date of purchase.

What do our customers say about us?

Magdalena Patronska
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Тай масаж за схванати рамене - много съм доволна от масажа, масажистката (Нинка) веднага намери проблемните места, приятна обстановка и отношение Благодаря

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Изключително много съм доволна от терапевтката и невероятния масаж!

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Изключително приятно изживяване и обстановка, терапевтите са на топ ниво, а масажите направени с много старание и внимание към конкретното тяло.

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Прекрасна обстановка, отлично отношение и наистина качествен масаж.

Pamper yourself or your loved ones with the rituals of TAI SPA. Each of our rituals is designed to enhance your health and well-being while providing peace and relaxation.

Our goal is to provide the highest class of services and products to strengthen and renew the spirit, mind and body.

With this in mind, we offer massage vouchers to make your gifting easier and to ensure that each of your loved ones can enjoy the unique satisfaction of a massage at a THAI SPA. Whether you prefer a relaxing aromatherapy massage or a weight-relieving infrared sauna, our massage voucher ensures that every gift will be an unforgettable treat of luxury and kindness.

Pamper yourself or your loved ones with TAI SPA rituals including sensual massages, detoxification treatments and luxurious facials. Each of our rituals is designed with the thought of improving your health and well-being while providing peace and relaxation.