Защо да Избягваме Посещенията в Римска Баня: Четири Основни Причини

Why Avoid Roman Bath Visits: Four Main Reasons

The Roman baths, known for their historical and cultural traditions, were the center of public life in ancient Rome. Despite their rich history, modern trends and health standards prompt us to rethink traditional bathroom practices. Here are five reasons why modern man might prefer to avoid Roman baths.

1. Hygiene Problems

Modern requirements for cleanliness and hygiene are much stricter compared to ancient times. In Roman baths, shared water spaces can be a breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens. This increases the risk of skin infections and other health problems.

2. Increased Risk of Diseases

Public water facilities can also be a source of spread of infectious diseases. With the presence of a large number of people in a limited space, the probability of the spread of diseases such as the flu or even more serious viral infections is greatly increased.

3. Insufficient Confidentiality

In ancient Rome, baths were places of socialization where people often socialized without clothing. In today's world, this can pose a problem for the privacy and personal comfort of individuals.

4. Modern Alternatives

In the modern world, there are numerous alternatives to Roman baths that offer similar relaxing and healing experiences, but with higher standards of hygiene and privacy. At Thai Spa, we offer hot, individual baths offering similar benefits, but in a more controlled and secure environment.


Although the Roman baths are an important part of the historical and cultural heritage, modern health and social standards direct us to safer and more comfortable alternatives. For modern people, avoiding Roman baths may be a wiser choice to preserve health and well-being.

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