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January 1: New Year. Vasilov's Day Name day is celebrated by - Vasil, Vasilen, Vasilena, Vasili, Vasilia, Vasilka, Vaska, Vesela, Veselin, Veselina, Valko, Valcho;
January 2: Saint Sylvester Roman Name day is celebrated by - Goran, Gorica, Ognyan, Ognyana, Plamen, Plamena, Seraphim, Silva, Silvia, Silvana, Sylvester;
January 4: Assembly of the Holy 70 Apostles Name day celebrated - Tihomir, Tihomira, Tihomirka;
January 5: Winter Epiphany (Popova Koleda) Name day is celebrated - Krastyo, Krastana
January 6: St. Epiphany (Yordanovden) Name day celebrated by - Bancho, Bistra, Bogdan, Bogdana, Bogolyub, Bogolyuba, Bogomil, Bojan, Bojana, Bozhidar, Bozhidara, Bozhil, Boncho, Borislav, Borislava, Boyan, Boyana, Danka, Danko, Dancho, Yordan, Jordana, Jordanka, Nayden, Theodosius
January 7: St. John the Baptist St. John's Day - Vanyo, Vanya, Enyo, Encho, Jean, Zhana, Jeanetta, Ivaila, Ivailo, Ivan, Ivana, Ivanka, Ivaniela, Ivanina, Ivelin, Ivelina, Iveta, Ivo, Ioan, Ioana, Yovka, Yovko, Yonka, Yonko, Yoncho, Yoto, Kaloyan
January 8: Babinden Saint Gregory
January 11: Rev. Theodosius the Great - Bogdan, Bogdana, Theodosius:
January 12: St. martyr Tatyana - Tanya, Tatiana, Tatiana, Traiana;
January 14: Vasilitsa Saint Nina - Adam, Calcho, Nina, Nino;
January 15: Rev. Gavriil Lesnovsky - Gavril;
January 16: Adoration of the chains of honor of Saint Peter the Apostle - Romil;
January 17: Rev. Anthony the Great Antonovden - Andon, Antoine, Antoinette, Anton, Antonina, Antonia, Donka, Donko, Doncho, Tony, Tonka, Toncho, Tonyo, Tonya, Totyo, Totka;
January 18: St. Athanasius and Cyril of Alexandria Athanasovden – Atanas, Atanaska, Naska, Nasko, Naso, Nasya, Nacho, Tanas, Tanyo, Tanyu, Tinka
January 19: Venerable Macarius of Egypt. St. Mark, Ep. Ephesians - Macarius;
January 20: St. Patriarch Euthymius of Turnovsky Petlyovden - Eutim, Euthymia, Eftim, Euthymius, Euthymia;
January 21: Rev. Maxim the confessor. St. mchk. Neophyte, International Hug Day - Agnesa, Valeria, Valeria, Maxim, Maximilian, Neophyte;
January 22: Saint Timothy the Apostle - Timothy, Timofey;
January 24: Rev. Ksenia the Roman-Aksenia, Aksinia, Ksenia, Oksana;
January 25: Saint Gregory the Theologian - Garo, Grigor, Grigorena, Grigori, Grisha;
January 26: Rev. Xenophon, Maria and his sons - Zhivko, Zhivka, Zoya;
January 28: Saint Monk Ephrem the Syrian - Ephrem;


February 1: Holy Martyr Tryphon Triphonovden - Tryphon, Triphonka, Lozan, Lozanka, Sekul, Malamka;
February 2: Meeting of the Lord – Joy, Radostina, Radostin, Drago, Dragomira, Dragomir, Ralin, Ralina, Vanessa, Radina, Radoslava, Radoslav, Sredka, Sredko, Sreten;
February 3: Saint Simeon the God-accepter and Anna the prophetess - Simeon, Simeona, Simeonka, Simeonko, Simo, Simon, Simona, Simonka, Simcha, Simcho, Simian, Simiana, Sime, Sima, Siman, Simana, Moni, Monyo, Mona, Monka, Monica, Moncho;
February 4: Name day is celebrated by - Zheko, Zhelyazko, Zhechka, Zhechko, Zhecho;
February 5: Saint Agathia - Agatha, Agathia, Dobrin, Dobrinka;
February 6: Saint Photius Patriarch of Constantinople - Dorothea, Iskra, Iskren, Ognyan, Ognyana, Plamen, Plamena, Svetla, Svetlan, Svetlana, Svetlin, Svetlozar, Svetlio, Svetozar, Svetoslav, Svetoslava, Fotius, Fotin, Fotina, Fotyo;
February 9: St. mchk Nikifor - Nikifor;
February 10: St. hieromartyr Haralampius of Magnesia - Valentine, Valentina, Valeria, Valeria, Valio, Valya, Lambi, Peio, Haralambi, Haralampi;
February 13: Rev. Martinian Rev. Zoya St. Eulogius – Eulogi, Eulogius, Eulogia, Zoya;
February 14: Saint Valentine and Tryphon Zarezan. On this day, name day is celebrated by: Trifon, Trifona, Trifko, Trifo, Triful, Trifa, Trifka, Trifula, Trichko, Ticho, Trichka, Fune, Funcho, Valentin, Valentina, Valio, Valyu, Valya;
February 21: St. Eustathius - Eustathy, Eustathius, Eustathia;


March 1: Baba Marta St. prpmchtsa Eudokia - Eudokia, Marta, Martin;
March 4: Rev. Gerasim of Jordan and Todorov Day, Horse Easter - Gerasim, Todor, Todora, Todorka, Todorin, Todorina, Teodor, Teodora, Teomir, Teomira, Teodomir, Teodomira, Teoslav, Teoslava, Theodosius, Teodosia, Todyo, Toda, Teddy, Tosho, Toshka . , Dorca, Dorian, Doriana, Dorian, Doriana, Dorcho, Dorothea, Dorotheus;
March 6: St. 42 athletes in Amoria Zadushnica before Great Lent celebrate Name Day - Krasen, Krasimir, Krasimir;
March 8: You can make your mother or wife happy on this wonderful day with a wonderful gift voucher:
March 9: St. 40 athletes in Sevastia - Mladen, Mladenka, Goryan, Vivian, Viviana; Some assume that on the feast of St. 40 martyrs whose names are unknown can all be celebrated without a designated name day
March 10: St. martyrs Codratus, Satorin, Rufinus, Galina, etc. Name day is celebrated by - Galina, Galya, Galin, Galena, Galen, Galka, Galuna;
March 13: Name day celebrated - Nicephorus
March 15: Name day celebrates - Bojan, Bozil, Bozhko, Emmanuel, Manol, Mancho, Totyo;
March 16: Jello-Ville Day
March 17: Rev. Alexii - Aleko, Alexa, Alexey, Alexi, Alexii;
March 19: St. Sisters Chrysant and Daria - Bozhidar, Bozhidara, Dora, Dorina, Dorothea, Daria, Darin, Darina, Nayden, Naida;
March 20: Rev. fathers killed in the monastery "St. Sava"
March 21: First Spring Rev. Jacob the Confessor - Jacob
March 23: Mtsa Lydia - Lydia;
March 24: Rev. Zacharia - Zarko, Zahari, Zaharina, Harry;
March 25: Annunciation - Blaga, Blagovesta, Blagoi;
March 26: Assembly of St. Archangel Gabriel. St. mchk Georgi Sofiyski - Gabriel, Gabriela, Gavrail, Gavril;
March 28: St. boyan mchk - Albena, Bayan, Boyka, Boyko, Boycho, Boyan, Boyana, Hilarion;


April 1: Saint Avramii Joke Day Bulgarian - Avram;
April 6: St. Ectychius. St. brothers Timothy and Diogenes - Strahilus;
April 14: Saint Martin, Pope - Marty, Martin;
April 16: Lazarovden - Lazar, Lazarka, Lazarin;
April 17: Vrabnitsa, Tsvetnitsa - Aglika, Peony, Veronica, Viola, Violeta, Willow(n), Verbinka, Gergin(a), Grape, Dahlia, Dafina, Delyan, Delyana, Dilyan(a), Clover, Elitsa, Jasmina, Zdravko, Zdravka, Hyacinth, Willow, Needle, Primrose, Viburnum, Camellia, Carnation, Carnation, Bunch, Latin(ka), Lily, Liliana, Lilac, Lily, Vine, Lyulina, Magnolia, Raspberry(s), Marguerite(s) . , Tsvetomir(a), Tsviatko, Yavor, Yasen, Yasmina; Did you know that Palm Sunday is one of the holidays on which the most namesakes are celebrated? This is because everyone with flower and plant names accepts greetings on this day. If you also know a namesake, now is the time to choose a SPA gift to make him happy for the holiday.
April 18: St. mchk Victor - Victor, Victoria;
April 24: Easter, Resurrection of Christ - Name day celebrated - Velik, Velika, Veliko, Velin, Velislav, Velichka, Velichko, Velka, Velko, Velyo, Vili, Vitan, Tamara;
April 29: St. 9 races in Cyzicus. Rev. Memnon the Miracle Worker, Life-giving source - name day celebrated - Zhivko, Zhivka, Zoya;


May 1: Tomina, Bright Sunday - Name day celebrated - Toma, Tomislav, Tomislava;
May 2: St. Tsar Boris-Mikhail - Boris, Bogoris, Borislav, Borislava, Boryana;
May 5: St. martyr Irina - Irina, Irena, Irinka, Irinei, Mira, Miroslav, Miroslava, Mircho;
May 6: St. vmchk Georgi Pobedonosets Gergyovden - Galya, Ganka, Gancho, Gencho, Geo, Georgi, Georgina, Gergana, Ginka, Ginyo, Girgin(a), Gotse, Gyuro, Gyurga, Gyurgelena, Yorgo, Poritsa, Ziva, Zhivka, Zhivko, Zhisho, Zoya;
May 11: Saint Cyril and Methodius - Cyril, Kirilka, Kiro, Kircho, Methodi, Methodius;
May 12: St. German of Constantinople - Gerana, Gerasim, Gerda, German, Gero, Iskra, Iskren;
May 21: Saint Equal-to-the-Apostles Constantine and Queen Elena - Elena, Eleonora, Constantine, Konstantina, Kostadin, Kostadina, Kostadinka;
May 24: Day of Bulgarian education and culture and Slavic writing
May 30: St. Emilia - Emilia


June 1: Children's Day
June 2: Day of Hristo Botev, Day of Salvation, Ascension Day - name day celebrated - Spas, Spaska, Spasena, Spaseniya, Spasimir, Spasimira, Spasuna, Sotir;
June 5: Saint Dorotheus - Dorotheus, Dorothea;
June 7: St. mcza Valeria - Valeria, Valeria;
June 13: St. mtsa Akilina - Asen, Asparuh;
June 15: St. pror Amos - Augustine;
June 24: Nativity of John the Baptist Epiphany - Biljana, Ivet, Iveta, Denislav, Denitsa, Deyan, Deyana, Diana, Diyan, Diana, Encho, Enyo, Yana, Yanaki, Yane, Yaneta, Yani, Yanizar, Yanizara, Yanimir, Yanimira , Yanin, Yanina, Yanis, Yanisa, Yanislav, Yanislava, Yanita, Yanitsa, Yanka, Yanko, Yancho;
June 29: Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (St. Peter's Day) - Kamen, Kamena, Kremena, Pavel, Pavlin, Pavlina, Patricia, Petrana, Peter, Preslava;
June 30: Council of 12 Apostles - Apostle;


July 1: St. silverless Kozma and Damian - Damian, Kuzman;
July 7: vmctsa Nedelya - Nedelin, Nedelina, Nedelcho, Nedyalka, Nedyalko;
July 14: Rev. Nikodim Svetogorets - Orlin;
July 15: St. equivalent Grand Duke Vladimir - Vladimir, Vladimira, Master;
July 16: St. mtsa Julia virgin - Julia, Julian;
July 17: St. vmcza Marina - Marina, Marin, Marincho, Marinka, Marinella, Marin, Marcho;
July 20: St. Prophet Ilia, Ilinden - Ilia, Iliyan, Iliyana, Ilko, Ilka, Ilcho;
July 22: St. myrrh-bearer and co-apostle Mary Magdalene - Madeleine, Madlena, Magdalena, Magda, Miglena;
July 25: Assumption of St. Anna - Anna, Anka, Ani, Anani, Yana, Yanula, Yanina, Blaga, Dobri;
July 31: St. righteous Evdokim - Evdokim, Evdoki, Docho;


August 1: St. 7 brothers, the Maccavei brothers - Maccavei, Zdravko, Zdravka;
August 7: 8 Sundays after Pentecost Name day celebrated - Valeria, Valeria;
August 15: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Maria, Mariana, Mariela, Marieta, Mario, Marijana, Preslava;
August 26: St. sisters Adrian and Natalia - Adrian, Adriana, Adriana, Adriana, Natalia, Natasha;
August 30: St. Alexander Name day is celebrated - Aleko, Alexander, Alexandra, Alexandrina;
August 31: Laying of the belt of honor on the Blessed Virgin Name day celebrated - Gena, Geno;


September 1: Rev. Simeon Stulpnik - Simeon, Simona;
September 5: St. prov. Zacharias and righteous Elizabeth - Bettina, Elsa, Elizabeth, Zachary, Zachary, Zaharinka, Isabella, Svetlozar;
September 14: Exaltation of the Holy Life-Giving Cross Lord's Cross Day Name day is celebrated by - Krastyu, Krastyo, Krastena, Christina, Krastina, Kuncho, Stavri;
September 16: St. Ludmila Czech Republic - Ludmil, Ludmila;
September 17: St. mchtsi Sofia, Faith, Hope and Love - Faith, Faith, Hope, Love;
September 25: Rev. Euphrosyne of Alexandria Prep. Sergius Radonezh Miracle Worker Name day is celebrated - Efrosinia, Sergius;


October 3: St. priest-martyr Dionysius Areopagite - Denis, Denislav, Denislava;
October 5: International Teacher's Day - You can make your teachers happy with an Anti-Stress Massage
October 9: St. app. Yakov Alfeev - Avram;
October 14: Good Friday - St. Paraskeva-Petka Tarnovska - Paraskev, Paraskeva, Parashkeva, Penka, Penko, Petka, Petkan, Petkana, Petko, Petya;
October 18: St. vmtsa Zlata Maglenska - Zlata, Zlatimira;
October 26: Dimitrovden - Dimitar, Dimitrina, Mitko, Mityo, Dimo, Dimcho, Dimka, Dimana;
October 27: Mchk. Nestor - Nestor;
October 28: St. great martyr Paraskeva - Paraskeva, Lachezar, Lachezara;
October 30: St. martyr Zinovii and his sister Zinovii - Zoran, Zoritsa, Zorka, Zornitsa;


November 1: Day of the People's Awakeners Name day celebrated - Argir;
November 8: St. Rangel (Archangel Michael) Archangel's Day - Angel, Angelina, Angelinka, Archangel, Gabriel, Gavril, Emil, Emilia, Emilian, Emiliana, Lina, Mila, Miladin, Milan, Milana, Milanka, Milen, Milena, Milio, Michael, Michaela, Michael , Mihaila, Miho, Ognyan, Ognyana, Plamen, Plamena, Rada, Radi, Radivoy, Radka, Radko, Radmila, Radoslav, Radoslava, Radostin, Radostina, Raiko, Raina, Raicho, Rangel, Raphael, Raya, Rusi, Ruska, Ruslan , Seraphim;
November 11: Saints Mina, Victor and Vikentius - Victor, Victoria, Mina, Minka, Mincho;
November 14: St. app. Philip. St. devout king Upravda-Justinian (Christmas importation) Name day celebrated - Upravda, Philip, Filka, Philo, Justinian;
November 16: St. apostle and evangelist Matthew - Matthew, Matthew;
November 23: St. pious Prince Alexander Nevsky - Alexander, Alexandra, Sasho, Sashka, Tsanka, Tsanko;
November 24: Saint Ekaterina - Ekaterina, Katerina, Catherine, Katya, Tinka;
November 25: St. Clement - Clement, Clementina;
November 26: Rev. Alipius Stulpnik. St. Stylianus of Paphlagonia. Rev. Jacob the Hermit - Stilian, Stiliana, Stilian, Stiliana, Stelian, Stella, Stilian, Shteryan, Shteryana, Stilian, Stiliana, Stilian, Stiliana;
November 30: St. All-Praised Apostle Andrew First-Called Andrew's Day - Andrea, Andrey, Andreyka, Andreya, Andriyan, Andriyana, Andro, Deshka, Parvan, Silen, Hrabrin, Hraber;


December 4: Holy Martyr Barbara - Barbara, Barbara, Varvardan;
December 5: Saint Sava Blessed - Ventsislav, Ventsislava, Vladislav, Vladislava, Desislav, Desislava, Sabina, Sava, Savka, Savcho, Svetoslav, Svetoslava, Slav, Slava, Nightingale, Slaveyka, Slaveyko, Slavi, Slavka, Slavcho, Stanislav, Stanislava , Sabi, Sabina;
December 6: Saint Nicholas Nicholas Day - Nikol, Nikola, Nikolay, Nikolina, Nikolinka, Nicoleta, Nenka, Nina, Ninka, Kolyo, Niko, Nice;
December 9: Saint Anna - Anna, Aneta, Anelia, Anka, Anna, Anitsa, Anelia, Anya, Yana, Yanka, Yanko;
December 12: Saint Spyridon - Spyridon, Spiro;
December 13: St. brothers Eustratius, Auxentius, Eugene, Mardarius and Orestes - Eugene, Adam;
December 14: St. dogs Tirs, Leukius, Filimon - Snezha, Snezhana, Snezhka, Snezhi, Snezhna, Snezhanka;/ Veterinarians' Day - You can make someone you know a veterinarian happy with a Gift Voucher and thank him for his good work.
December 15: St. svshtmchk Eleutherius. Rev. Pavel Latriyski - Freedom;
December 17: St. prov. Daniil - Anani, Danail, Danaila, Daniel, Daniela, Dani, Danko;
December 19: Ignazhden - Ignat, Iskra, Iskren, Ognyan, Ognyana, Svetla, Svetoslav, Flamen, Flamena;
December 21: Saint Juliania - Julian, Juliana, Juliana, Juliana;
December 22: Saint Anastasia - Anastasia, Asya, Siika, Siya;/ Holiday of national service "Border Police" - You can please a policeman you know with a Gift Voucher and thank him for his good service.
December 23: Rev. Naum Ohridski. St. 10 races in Crete. St. mchk Gelasius - Biser, Bisera, Biserka, Bistra, Nahum;
December 24: Christmas Eve - Evgeni, Evgeni, Evgenia, Biser, Bisera, Bistra, Blagorodna, Zheni, Zhenya, Zhechka, Parvan, Parvana;
December 25: Nativity of Christ - Emil, Itso, Icho, Mladen, Radomir, Radomira, Radoslav, Radoslava, Radostin, Radostina, Hristalina, Hristo, Hristi, Hristin, Hristina, Hristofor;
December 26: Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary. St. Joseph the Bridegroom. St. King David. St. Jacob, brother of God - David, Datso, Dacho, Joseph, Joseph;/ Father's Day - You can make your father or husband happy on this wonderful day with a wonderful gift voucher:
December 27: Stefanovden - Vencho, Vencislav Vencislava, Zapryan, Stamen, Stamena, Stan, Stana, Stane, Stanimir, Stanimira, Stanislav, Stanislava, Stancho, Stefan, Stefana, Stefanka, Stefania, Stefi, Stefka, Stefko, Stefcho, Stoil, Stoila, Stoilka, Stoimen, Stoichko, Stoyu, Stoyan, Stoyana, Stoyanka, Tanya, Teki, Tenyo, Fanny, Tsako, Tsanka, Tsanko, Tsano, Tsancho, Tsoko, Tsona, Tsonko, Tsonyu, Sean, Shona;