Най-често използвани етерични масла при тайландски масажи и тай спа масажни процедури - THAI SPA

Most commonly used essential oils in Thai massages and Thai spa massage treatments

Essential oils have a truly magical effect on the human spirit and body when used correctly. Aromatherapy, massages, hair and skin masks, inhalations - their applications are many, and the effect is felt and seen quickly.
Some traditional Thai massages are done without any essential oils. Another part mainly uses jasmine oil, lemongrass essential oil and coconut oil and papaya oil. In order to choose those Thai spa treatments and massages that will be most suitable for you, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main healing properties of these essential oils.

Jasmine oil
It acts as an antidepressant and antiseptic. It is often used as an aphrodisiac. Specialists recommend it for severe depression because jasmine oil calms the nerves, creates a sense of confidence and optimism and helps restore lost energy and vitality. It relieves muscle pain, sprained and stiff limbs.
If you are familiar with the basic philosophy and purpose of traditional Thai massages and Thai spa treatments, you will understand why jasmine oil is an integral part of them.

Due to the calming effect of this essential oil, it is often used for sexual problems such as impotence, premature ejaculation or frigidity.

Lemongrass essential oil
It is the second most commonly used oil in Thai spa treatments and massages. It acts as an antimicrobial, antiseptic and antidepressant. With its help, the skin becomes smooth and soft. Its aroma and ingredients calm the nerves and invigorate. Specialists often recommend it when recovering from heavy physical or mental stress, as well as for headaches.
Lemongrass oil, like jasmine oil, relieves muscle and joint pain and makes muscles more elastic.

Papaya oil
It is rich in omega 9 essential fatty acids. Its main action is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and moisturizing. Its regular use makes the skin softer and more elastic. In the past, Indian healers used papaya puree to treat rashes and skin problems.

Coconut oil
It is quite versatile and can be applied in countless cases. It has a nourishing effect on hair and skin and is often a main ingredient in face and body creams, hair masks and shampoos. Its aroma has a relaxing effect.

In case you need to regain your inner balance and harmony, you are facing heavy physical or mental stress, definitely go for Thai spa treatments or one of the classic Thai massages. The combination of Ayurveda, Thai healing practices and essential oils will help you feel in excellent physical and mental shape.

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