Произходът на думата "spa"

The origin of the word "spa": From ancient Roman baths to modern spas

The word "SPA" is an abbreviation of the Latin expression "Salus per aquam", which literally means "health through water". The term is found in ancient Roman texts describing the healing properties of thermal springs. During the Middle Ages, SPA became synonymous with high-quality spas that offered a variety of water treatments for the treatment of various ailments.

In the 16th century, the word SPA began to be used to refer to resorts with mineral springs, regardless of their location. In the 18th century, the term expanded to include not only thermal springs, but also other water treatments, such as massage and sauna.

Nowadays, the word "SPA" is widely used to refer to a wide range of health and beauty services, which include not only water treatments, but also beauty treatments, massages, yoga, meditation and more.

Spa industry statistics

  • In 2018, the global spa services market was valued at $109 billion and is expected to reach $168 billion by 2023 (Market Research Future)

  • The spa industry accounts for about 10% of the leisure and travel industry (Global Spa & Wellness Summit)

  • The number of spas worldwide exceeds 200,000 (Global Wellness Institute)

  • The average annual cost of spa treatments per person in the US is about $130 (SpaFinder)

  • Women are the biggest consumers of spa services, accounting for around 80% of all customers (SpaFinder)

Facts most blogs don't talk about
  • The word "SPA" was first used in 1542 by the English physician William Slingsby, who described the healing properties of thermal springs in Bath, England. (Wikipedia)

  • The word "SPA" was patented in 1745 by the English physician Henry Hyde, who founded a spa in Bath. (Wikipedia)

  • In the 20th century, the spa industry focused on beauty treatments and relaxation, gradually moving away from its roots in healing practices. (Global Spa & Wellness Summit)

  • In recent years, there has been a trend towards a revival of traditional spa practices, focusing on the use of natural products and therapies. (Global Wellness Institute)
Thai massage is one of the most popular spa treatments in the world. It is known for its healing properties and ability to relieve pain, stress and tension.
  • Thai massage is based on traditional Thai medicine, which focuses on the balance of body, mind and spirit. The massage uses a combination of palms, fingers, elbows and knees to stimulate energy channels in the body.
  • Thai massage comes in different variants, such as classic Thai massage, aromatherapy Thai massage and Thai massage for couples .
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The word "SPA" has a rich history that dates back to the ancient Roman baths. Nowadays, the spa industry is a huge industry that offers a wide range of health and beauty services. Thai massage is one of the most popular spa treatments in the world and Thaispa. bg is a leading Thai massage studio in Sofia.

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