Солариум за лятото: Как да подготвим кожата си за слънчевите дни

Solarium for the summer: How to prepare our skin for sunny days

With the arrival of the summer season, many people start preparing for sunny days and looking for ways to protect their skin from the harmful effects of the sun's rays. One way to prepare is to use a tanning bed. In this article, we'll look at how tanning beds can help prepare your skin for summer, how to care for your skin before and after tanning, and other important tips for healthy, beautiful skin during the warmer months.

Key findings

  • Moderate use of tanning beds can prepare the skin for the summer season and reduce stress from the sun's rays.
  • Preparing the skin for the sun can improve its condition and make the tan more durable and beautiful.
  • It is important to use appropriate exfoliating products and tanning bed cosmetics before treatments.
  • After visiting a solarium, it is important to use soothing and hydrating products, as well as to avoid additional sun exposure.
  • Hydration and proper nutrition play a key role in the health and beauty of the skin during the summer season.

The benefits of tanning for the skin in summer

woman in a tanning salon preparing for summer

How the solarium prepares the skin for the sun

The moderate use of tanning beds to prepare the skin for the summer season is even recommended, since during the winter the skin of the body was hidden from any contact with the sun. A few visits to the tanning bed (in moderation, of course) will prepare your skin very well and make it much less stressful.

Benefits of moderate tanning bed use

Moderate sunbed use can help build up the skin's protective factor to protect it from harmful UV rays in the summer. Additionally, tanning beds stimulate melanin production, resulting in a more even and long-lasting tan.

Tanning bed myths and facts

There are many myths surrounding tanning beds, but it's important to separate fact from fiction. For example, one of the myths is that the solarium is more harmful than the natural sun, but in fact the natural ingredients in solar cosmetics can reduce the risk of skin damage.

Proper skin care before tanning

woman applying sunscreen before tanning in a solarium

Exfoliation and cleansing of the skin

Before visiting a solarium, it is recommended that the skin is clean and well exfoliated. This will help distribute the UV rays evenly and prevent spots. Use gentle exfoliants that don't irritate the skin.

Choosing the right cosmetics for a solarium

It is important to choose the right tanning lotion to prepare your skin for the UV rays. Tanning lotions with UV protection are not suitable for tanning beds. Choose products that hydrate and nourish the skin without making it excessively oily.

Skin hydration and nourishment

Hydration is key to healthy skin before tanning. Drink enough water and use moisturizing creams and fluids. This will help the skin better cope with UV stress and prevent it from drying out.

Preparing the skin before tanning is an important ritual for a salt holiday - Thai Spa. It includes exfoliation, choosing the right cosmetics and good hydration.

How to take care of the skin after tanning

woman sunbathing on a beach with a glowing tan, skincare products, and a serene summer background

After visiting a solarium, it is important to take care of the skin, especially if there is a burn or dryness. It is recommended to use soothing creams and hydrating fluids to restore moisture to the skin. Also, avoid exposure to the sun or tanning beds for several days after the burn to prevent further skin damage.

Soothing and hydrating products

Using soothing and hydrating products is key to skin recovery after tanning. It is recommended to apply creams and lotions that contain aloe vera, panthenol or hyaluronic acid . These ingredients help soothe the skin and restore its hydration.

Avoiding sun exposure

After tanning, it is important to avoid sun exposure for at least 48 hours. This will help the skin recover and avoid further damage. Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause burning and peeling of the skin .

Tips for skin recovery

  1. Hydration : Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from within.
  2. Use light, non-comedogenic creams : These will help restore the skin without clogging pores.
  3. Avoid aggressive cosmetic products : They can irritate the skin and slow down the recovery process.
After tanning, your skin needs special care to maintain its strength and beauty. It is important to use appropriate products and avoid further exposure to UV rays.

Sunscreens and solarium

woman applying sunscreen at the beach

Differences between sunscreens and solar cosmetics

Sunscreen products are designed to help you spend longer in the sun. For solarium - thai spa, it is recommended to use professional solar cosmetics for before and/or after solarium. These cosmetics are specially created to keep the skin young, vibrant, toned and hydrated.

How to choose the right product

Choosing the right product depends on your skin type and needs. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Determine your skin type.
  2. Choose a product with an appropriate SPF factor.
  3. Check ingredients for allergens.
  4. Consult a specialist if you have specific skin problems.

Common mistakes when using sunscreen products

Many people make mistakes when using sunscreen. Here are some of them:

  • Applying an insufficient amount of product.
  • Skipping certain areas such as the ears and the back of the neck.
  • Not renewing the product after swimming or sweating.
It is important to note that the solarium in no way protects against sunburn and cannot "prepare" the skin for the sun.

Nutrition and hydration for healthy skin in summer

healthy skin summer hydration nutrition

The importance of water for the skin

Hydrate yourself from the inside . In addition to food and hydration of the skin, it is important to hydrate the body from the inside as well. When you hydrate internally, your skin looks much more radiant, under-eye circles are cleared and skin is noticeably clearer. This is a fact, because water helps to remove toxins from the body, prevents inflammation and irritation. Maintaining good levels of water intake makes the skin more elastic and beautiful.

Foods that support skin health

To achieve radiant and healthy skin , it is important to pay attention to what you eat. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach, there are some foods that are particularly beneficial for the skin:

  • Fruits and vegetables : rich in antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Fish : contains omega-3 fatty acids that keep the skin hydrated.
  • Nuts and seeds : source of vitamin E and healthy fats.

Vitamins and minerals for beautiful skin

In summer, our skin is put to serious tests. Dry and hot air increases the work of sebaceous glands, which leads to skin pollution, dehydration, contributes to the formation of wrinkles and even pigmentation. That is why during the summer season it is very important to adjust our care for the largest organ in the human body - the skin. Vitamins and minerals play a key role in maintaining healthy and beautiful skin:

  • Vitamin C : supports the production of collagen and protects the skin from damage.
  • Vitamin E : protects the skin from oxidative stress.
  • Zinc : helps skin regeneration and reduces inflammation.

Tips for safe tanning bed use

woman in a tanning bed preparing for summer

How often to visit a solarium

To minimize the risk of skin damage, do not visit a tanning bed more than once a week . Excessive exposure to UV rays can lead to serious skin problems, including skin cancer.

Recommended duration of procedures

The duration of each session in the solarium should be limited to 10-15 minutes. It is important to consult a specialist to determine the appropriate time for your skin type.

When to avoid tanning beds

Avoid tanning beds if you have a lot of moles or sensitive skin. Although it is not safe to increase melanin production by using a tanning bed, you can give your skin a more tanned appearance without over-exposing yourself to UV rays. Also, if you take drugs that increase the sensitivity of the skin to light, it is better to refrain from tanning beds.

In order to enjoy safe tanning bed use, it is important to follow a few basic tips. First, always use a sunblock with a high SPF and don't overdo the time you spend in the sunbed. Second, avoid tanning beds if you have sensitive skin or skin problems. For more helpful tips and information, visit our website and explore our treatments and massages for couples, women and men .


Preparing your skin for the summer sun is essential to maintaining its health and beauty. Moderate tanning bed use, appropriate exfoliation, hydration, and proper after-care after UV exposure are key steps to achieving a beautiful, long-lasting tan. Be sure to use professional tanning salon cosmetics and sunscreen products to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. By following these tips, you'll enjoy healthy and glowing skin all summer long.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I visit a solarium?

Moderate use of the solarium, approximately 2-3 times a week, is recommended to prepare the skin for the summer season. It is important to avoid overuse.

Can I use sunscreen products instead of professional solar cosmetics?

Sunscreen products are developed for sun exposure, while for the solarium, the use of professional solar cosmetics is recommended for better results.

How to take care of the skin after visiting a solarium?

After visiting a solarium, it is important to use soothing creams and hydrating fluids to restore moisture to the skin. Avoid exposure to the sun or tanning beds for several days after a burn.

Does the skin reproduce vitamin D during a solar treatment?

Yes, during a solar procedure, the skin reproduces vitamin D, as well as melanin and collagen. This is especially useful during the winter when sunlight is limited.

Can I use the solarium and go to the beach in the same day?

It is advisable to stop solar treatments at least 48 hours before going to the beach to avoid excessive stress on the skin.

Are the sauna and solarium compatible?

Yes, sauna and solarium are compatible, but keep in mind that their combination leads to a higher circulatory load, so be careful.

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