Padmalaya откъдето произлиза аюрведичния масаж

Thai Massage vs. Ayurvedic Massage (Padmalaya): Which to Choose?

Thai Massage vs. Ayurvedic Massage (Padmalaya): Which to Choose?

When it comes to massages, Thai massage and Ayurvedic massage differ in ways that should be considered before choosing which type of massage would be best for you. While both techniques are popular for relaxation and improving health, they have unique characteristics and purposes.

Thai massage

1. Origin and Technique: Thai massage is an ancient tradition originating in Thailand. The technique is based on a combination of traditional Thai techniques and yoga. The massage therapist uses his body, hands, elbows and even feet to perform the massage.

2. Energy Balancing: Thai massage focuses on restoring energy balance in the body using Thai medical principles. This type of massage helps flexibility, strengthens the body and relaxes the muscles.

3. Clothing: Thai massage is usually performed on a thick carpet, and clients are dressed in comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement.

Ayurvedic Massage of Padmalaya origin

1. Origin and Technique: Ayurvedic massage originates from the ancient Indian system - Ayurveda in the city of Padmalaya . This technique uses traditional massage movements and aromatherapy with oils.

2. Individually Suitable: Ayurvedic massage is customized depending on the client's constitution (vata, pitta, kapha). It focuses on balancing energy and improving physical and mental health.

3. Use of Oils: Ayurvedic massage uses specially selected oils that nourish and soothe the skin.

Why Thai Massage is Better

If you're looking for a summary, Thai massage has several benefits. This type of massage supports not only physical, but also energy and mental transformation. The technique is based on deep knowledge of energy flows in the body and combines their harmonization with physical relaxation and renewal.

The use of a variety of techniques and innovations makes Thai massage suitable for anyone looking for body comfort and peace of mind.

Depending on your preferences, maybe the Thai massage will be your preferred solution, providing not only physical relief, but also total harmony.

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