Hot and relaxing baths

Immersing in a hot tub at Thai Spa is like returning to the mother's womb — warm, enveloping and uniquely soothing. This ancient practice has been elevated to a modern art in our studios, where every detail has been thought through to provide an overall feeling of relaxation and pleasure. Hot water expands pores while mineral-rich salts and aromatic oils penetrate deep, freeing the body of toxins and tension. This ritual not only rejuvenates the skin, but also calms the mind, allowing thoughts to float freely in the heat of the moment. At the Thai Spa, a hot tub is more than just a procedure—it's therapy for the soul, an enchanting experience that lasts.

The Restorative Hot Tub

Complete relaxation for body and mind

Experience the transformative power of a hot tub at Thai Spa, where every minute is spent in quiet meditation and solitude. Relax in the warm embrace of the water while the aromatic oils and mineral salts nourish the skin and dissolve the tension in every muscle fiber. It's not just a bath, but a self-care ceremony that softens thoughts and reverses time.

Detoxification and rejuvenation

The Thai Spa hot tub is designed to purify—not only physically, but mentally as well. The body is freed from toxins while the mind is freed from hectic thinking. Try our bath and let the fresh look and feel of youth embrace every part of you

Harmonization of energies

Our hot tub is designed to restore your energy balance. In this water, saturated with the energy of natural elements, you can rediscover your inner strength and balance. Relax and allow the therapeutic properties of the water to have a beneficial effect on your well-being.

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What our customers say about us..

Magdalena Patronska
през последната седмица

Тай масаж за схванати рамене - много съм доволна от масажа, масажистката (Нинка) веднага намери проблемните места, приятна обстановка и отношение Благодаря

asya asenova
през последната седмица

Изключително много съм доволна от терапевтката и невероятния масаж!

Irina Gomez
през последната седмица

Изключително приятно изживяване и обстановка, терапевтите са на топ ниво, а масажите направени с много старание и внимание към конкретното тяло.

Yordanka Kardzheva
през последната седмица

Прекрасна обстановка, отлично отношение и наистина качествен масаж.